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Social Saturdays

Social Saturdays are designed to provide a fun-filled atmosphere outside of our typical programming for learners to engage in

naturally occurring social interactions

with peers and teach

socially significant behavior. 

Macha Tea

Coffee, Tea,
& ME

Created with parents in mind, Coffee, Tea, & Me provides parents and caregivers an opportunity to learn, share, and grow as a community. Events feature guest speakers, group forums, and great tea!  


Art, Crafts, & ME

Arts, Crafts, & Me fosters learner creativity. All necessary materials are provided by the ABA team, families get ready to create, decorate, and enjoy this social event!

Film Reels

Parents Night Out

Prepared with each individuals' unique needs in mind, Parents Night Out is an evening of quality care for learners, and a trusted night off for parents and caregivers.   

Upcoming Events


Coffee, Tea, & ME

Date: TBA

Taking place at our facility, this event will feature a guest speaker who has worked in the school-based setting for several years and takes pride in educated parents and other caregivers on the importance of understanding the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the development, amendment, and meeting process of this legally binding document. 


Arts, Crafts, & ME

Date: TBA

Join the Ready To Learn ABA Team for a social event under the sea...No more hints! We will provide all materials required for entry to the event as we approach the schedule event. Parents stay tuned for more information about this sensory-friendly fun.


Parents Night Out

Date: TBA

More information coming soon!

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