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Registered Behavior Technicians

Highly active position, Implement protocols for skill acquisition and to decrease problem behaviors with clients; Collect data and Alert supervising BCBA of any changes in the behavior of the client; Be able to lift at least 35 pounds; Assist in creating and managing materials, and other responsibilities as outlined in the RBT Ethics code  

Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Conduct and complete initial assessments; Write progress notes for each adaptive protocol session; Complete six month updated reports; Develop plans to teach acquisition skills; Develop behavior plans to decrease maladaptive behaviors; Train RBTs in implementation of protocols; Assist with parent training workshops, and other responsibilities to be discussed

BCaBA Supervisee

Be actively enrolled in and participating in coursework toward BCaBA or BCBA certification; Hands-on training to learn skills needed to be a BCaBA or BCBA, with direct oversight from BCBA; Expect homework and other assignments to aid in skill acquisition; Track your experience in the Fieldtracker for Supervision as outlined by the BACB; Visit the BACB website for more information on what is required or can be expected in this role




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